Welcome to Glendale

Welcome to Glendale Arizona. Living in Glendale or just visiting Glendale the westgate city center is the place to be. The stadiums house the NFL Arizona Cardinals and the NHL Phoenix Coyotes. Also, Glendale has spring training at the Camelback ranch, home to the Chicago White Sox’s and the L.A. Dodgers. Glendale’s got game.

Glendale is home to 251,522 people. It has an above average income and house value for Arizona. Glendale is in Maricopa County, the area code is (623), the zip codes are 85301-85310, and Glendale is on MST. Glendale is only a 3 hour drive from Mexico, 4 hours from the Grand Canyon, 6 hours from Las Vegas, and 8-10 hours from the Rocky mountains.

Additionally, Glendale holds annual events including the chocolate festival (February every year), jazz and blues festival, and the Glendale glitters (December every year). On top of that, Glendale came in third in number of clear days, forth in average sunshine, and seventh in highest temperature (city-data.com). Being in Glendale is perfect any time of year.

After a long wait Luke Air Force Base recently welcomed their first F-35. The F-35 is the next generation of planes the Air force hopes to build on for years to come. After the failure of the F-22 and the halt of it’s production on December 13, 2011 the F-35 has been the focal point of development for the U.S. Air force. The F-35 has gone through many struggles but is now ready for training. Hopefully the F-35 will help continue our air superiority for generations to come.

The city of Glendale has asked the state to help foot the bill for the 2015 Super Bowl. The House Bill 2547 will ask the state to reimburse Glendale for public-safety costs. The bill was brought before the Arizona House of Representatives last week and is except to pass. Also, the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee is working to get another broader bill passed that would address more than public safety concerns, including, transportation and media.

Glendale AZ.com

I’m not sure what the problem is but glendaleaz.com servers have been unresponsive for the last few days. If you are having trouble accessing the site you are not the only one. Hopefully the problem will be solved shortly.

Congratulations Coyotes on winning your first playoff series since 1987. This is the first playoff series win as the Phoenix Coyotes. In 1987 the franchise was still in Winnipeg.  Congratulations Coyotes and lets go to the Stanley Cup!

Spring Training

Baseball is back. Spring training is in full effect. Go out and support your favorite team, spring training ends April 4th.

Glendale Green Festival

The Glendale Green Festival is on Saturday, March 31 at the Glendale Main Library from Noon to 4 pm. Support Glendale and go green.

Happy Leap Day

It only comes every four years so go out an enjoy it. Have a happy leap day.

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